Bridal Creeper (Asparagus asparagoides) is considered a major weed affecting NSW bushland areas, where it can smother native plants. It is classified as a ‘Weed of National Significance’.

It forms a thick mat, up to 100mm deep, comprising a mass of underground tubers from branching rhizomes which impede the root growth of other plants. Above the ground it has an attractive bright green, shiny ‘leaves’ (4–30 mm wide by 10-70 mm long) and its climbing stems readily attach to vertical support structures, like fences shrubs and trees. On the ground it forms a blanketing spread across garden beds smothering other plants.

Bridal Creeper is present in Nangarin and collectively we need to eradicate it from our residential Lots and bushland.

Chemical treatment is highly effective and needs to be done in the months of August through to the end of September, so it is important to treat any outbreaks now!

The short YouTube© link below provides excellent advice.

Department of Primary Industries Website (link below) provides further detailed information and treatment techniques.

Always follow the herbicide manufacturers directions and use appropriate personal protection equipment when handling chemicals.

If you require assistance in identifying Bridal Creeper or its treatment, then please request support through

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