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Nangarin Vineyard Estate

We would like to welcome all new residents to Nangarin Vineyard Estate. The purpose of this website is to make you aware of the estate facilities as well as some estate and district history. Enjoy!

You should have received a key to gain access to the tennis court and BBQ facilities from your vendor. If this did not happen, please contact the estate managing agent, Stephanie Chenery.

We have attempted to make the web site as intuitive as possible so that no further explanation should be necessary.

You are encouraged to read through the whole site and in particular you should go through theĀ FAQ list. Should you require more information please visit our Committee page

Approx 40 Hectares
Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc
Produced by
Southern Highlands Winery


Nangarin is home to thousands of native Australian animals including Wombats, Echidna, Koala, Kangaroo and birds. It’s common to see these animals in backyards and on roads so be sure to slow down and keep a look out


You are now reminded every morning that you live among a vineyard either by glancing out the window or driving by on the way to work – oh what a feeling!


Nangarin is the region’s first residential vineyard project and one of the most popular rural residential concepts in Australia. More info can be found below.


Whether you are already familiar with rural living or have come from the suburbs or city, it’s important that you educate yourself about bush fires and fire safety.

Tennis & BBQ

Nangarin provides a beautiful community tennis and barbecue area for it’s residents. Bookings are not mandatory but are recommended, especially in peak times such as Christmas.


Nangarin is protected by a community management statement which means that you should seek approval for modifications to your house or surrounding buildings and gardens.