Project Update

January 2023 marks the conclusion of the two year Nangarin Nature Corridor – ‘Cumberland Plain Woodland Restoration – Stage 2’ project¬†assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust 2019-20 Restoration and Rehabilitation Grants.

The Project targeted areas of remnant Cumberland Plain Woodland (CPW) within the East-West nature corridor within the Nangarin Vineyard Estate, where the endemic biodiversity of the CPW was threatened by invasive Lantana (Lantana camara) and other weeds. Planned in three stages with site work commencing in February 2021, the project involved engaging a team of professional ‘Bush Regen.’ Contractors (Ecohort P/L) to work on the eastern corridor, while members of the Nangarin Landcare Group addressed areas of dense Lantana along the western corridor. Extensive periods of wet weather during the project posed challenges with planning and access to the steep slopes, coupled with the high rate of Lantana growth.

The most recent review of the Contractor sites showed a high success level in treating Lantana. A followup session in early January targeted any regrowth or areas missed in earlier sessions. Photo below shows reduction in Lantana in Contractor Stage 2 area:



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