Nangarin Landcare is one of six local Landcare Groups participating in a ‘Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grant’ managed by Lisa Gibson from Upper Spring Creek Landcare.

Working closely with the Robin Davies Wollondilly Community Nursery, two seed collection workshops were planned, one in mid-November and the second in early December 2021 to harvest seed from endemic flora of the local area.

The first of the ‘Seed Collection Workshops’ took place at Nangarin Vineyard Estate on Wednesday 17th November. Led by Damion Stirling, Sustainability Projects Officer with Wollondilly Shire Council, eighteen participants from the six Landcare Groups worked their way through two woodland sites to harvest ripe seed from a range of endemic plants, while learning flora identification techniques and the importance of particular plant species to the local ecological balance. Seed collected on the day was set aside for a propagation workshop to be conducted mid-December.

The property ‘Wildwood’, a rare Western Sydney Dry Rainforest site on Razorback, was the  location of the second workshop held on Wednesday 1st December. Ibrahim Muharrem, from Wollondilly Shire Council, and Jordan Scott, from Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, led the seed identification and collection work across a range of important biodiverse sites.

‘Wildwood’ Razorback – seed collection                   Right: Robin Davies Wollondilly Community Nursery team members Ibrahim and Hanna comparing notes during seed collection

Both Seed Collection workshops wrapped up with an enjoyable lunch, opportunity to meet and chat with members of other Landcare Groups. Invited guests with expertise in conservation and regeneration contributed to discussions on management practices, funding opportunities, challenges and issues facing landholders seeking to preserve and restore the biodiversity endemic to their land and this region. The formation of a southern Cumberland Plain Landcare Network was a key aspect of the discussion.

Lunch at Nangarin and much discussion about the morning seed collection.                             Right: Peter Burton, a special lunchtime visitor to Wildwood, designed and built the home and shared many interesting stories about the site.

The Robin Davies Wollondilly Community Nursery hosted the seed propagation workshop on 15th December. Damion Stirling instructed the members of the Landcare Groups on the various techniques used to assist seed germination, ranging from sandpapering to warm water immersion. Hanna Rebelo provided advice on the operation of the Community Nursery and their plans, after recent storm damage, to increase plant stock and repair damaged structures.

The close productive support network formed between the Landcare Groups/Organisation, Wollondilly Shire Council Community Nursery, Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan and Greater Sydney Local Land Service has provided a valuable opportunity to share knowledge and expertise for all involved. Nangarin Landcare wish to extend their thanks to all involved.

Photos courtesy of Colleen Collins & Lisa Gibson

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